What is Endermologie?

Endermologie is a non invasive/non surgical procedure that is designed to break up scar tissue. It increases blood flow by 400% by infusing the tissues surrounding the muscles. Added benefits are that it relieves muscle tension and spasms and increases overall functional mobility.

Why Choose Endermologie?

This non invasive, natural technique is more consistent than regular massage, as it optimally conditions specific muscles. Regular treatments ensure  quicker recovery  after workouts, allowing the muscles to regain strength, endurance, power and flexibility.  It can provide effective treatment for many sports related complaints and injuries. 

Endermologie and Sport

Clinical studies have scientifically proven that Endermologie alleviates DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), improves local blood and Lymphatic circulation, relaxes muscle spasms, relieves muscle tension and increases functional mobility.

Have an injury? Endermologie helps to achieve a quicker recovery time from injury, especially when combined with Physiotherapy or other modalities. As a result Endermologie is popular with Elite and Professional athletes from a wide range of sports. It is an invaluable form of treatment for athletes because each treatment is customized to fit your specific needs and can be performed as either a full body treatment or a targeted treatment for a specific injury.

Why Break Down Scar Tissue?

It’s simple really; Scar tissue can restrict many layers of muscle and connective tissue which can cause varying degrees of pain or discomfort. Think of it like a barrier. It restricts the body’s natural flow and function which can often result in new physical problems occurring in the general vicinity of the original injury.

Most often the feeling of a scar tissue buildup is described as a sort of tugging, and that is essentially what is happening. Over time Fascia has a tendency to bind around the site of the scarring and that creates a pull of tension towards the scar tissue. This reduces flexibility and can create dysfunctional movement patterns. Scar tissue is also weaker and less elastic which means that it is more prone to injury.

It’s never too late to work on scar tissue! If you have had surgery or have suffered an injury Endermologie might be just what you are looking for!

We Offer Cosmetic Treatments Too!

Made in France, this technology gently stimulates the skin to reactivate dormant cellular activity. 100% natural and painless it provides visible results with zero side effects. Our cosmetic treatments fight against: wrinkles, sagging skin, localized resistant fat, cellulite and more.

For the Face

Acting like a real skin workout, the motorized flaps awaken the natural synthesis of essential rejuvenating substances. This cell stimulation then helps to boost production of Collagen (firmness), Elastin (suppleness), and Hyaluronic Acid (volume and hydration), naturally present in our skin.